Orchid Dreams 112 x 168cm
Orchid Dreams 112 x 168cm

Orchid Dreams 112 x 168cm

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My latest work ‘In Seasonstarted with a trip to my local florists and flower market.

This is where my vision starts to become real and evolves as I discover that the

peonies I initially imagined myself painting were not in season. Only imported

peonies were available, so I chose to purchase local flowers that were in abundant

supply. I purchased just one peony to satisfy my original vision. I was drawn to

orchids for their vast array of varieties and colours which are both natural and new

colours are created using artificial colour much like a painting is constructed. I

bring the flowers back to my studio to capture a moment in their short life with a

camera so I can replicate and recreate their beauty when I paint. While the flowers

are living (and sometimes when they are withered and in varying stages of their

lifecycle,) I create studies of every twist and turn of the stems, and the delicate and

fragile yet strong petals which are individual but create a whole flower.

This gives me familiarity and a deeper understanding of the flowers.

Then I sketch my linen canvas using pencil and start creating an under painting

using transparent layers of raw umber, focusing on tonality. Then I use transparent

and opaque colour until I reach a likeness with my subject. I paint petal by petal

which makes my process slow and considered and brings me into a meditative flow


Materials: Oil paint on Italian linen

Size: 112 x 168cm